Who we were there:

Below we will list very briefly those present (both speakers and tutors, production managers, translators, organizers, project owners) who participated in those past, but still very present, two days in Sigüenza. Our congratulations and thanks to all of them, and the rush for success, go ahead:

Thomas Vinterberg : Co-founder of Dogma 95 together with Lars Von Trier. Director of the award-winning film Celebration, It’s all about love and the recent Dear Wendy (visit imdb.com or we’ll be talking about it for five years). His presence and comments in the workshop were inspiring, reflective, personal, sensitive and, as he himself described, very “silly”.

Bo Ehrhardt : Film producer and secretary of the EFC. He has produced more than 20 movies, including It’s all about love, Dear Wendy, Torremolinos 73 and 20 others whose name we can not write with a Spanish keyboard. His collaboration has been invaluable as Master of Brindisi, inspirer of crowds and organizer of the workshop from the European Film College, located in The Hill of the Apple, Denmark.

Jan Harlan : Very English and producer of the films Barry Lyndon, The Shining, The Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut and Artificial Intelligence. He told us about his work with Stanley Kubrick, music and film and sensitivity in general. His name has 4,400,000 entries in Google. Enough, right?

Pablo Berger : Director and professor in several international universities. Pablo began directing the multi-award-winning cult short film, Mama. Then he almost caught an Emmy for Truth and Beauty as a student in NYU and four Goyas for Torremolinos 73, his first feature. The paragraph of awards obtained by the latter does not fit here, we promised to be brief. In addition, he has shot ads and video clips in the USA. and collaborates regularly with the New York Film Academy … in the workshop he inspired us with 3 talks and individual interviews with the directors about the management work. We get up to applaud him again.

Leticia Díez : Head of production of Yaris Cinexplora 06. In other lives she has been production assistant in advertising and film production companies, locator, “producer” in advertising agencies, production assistant, coordinator of the Children’s Theater Festival (there she met Lola), stylist, etc. If you are interested in shooting a short film and you do not have your mobile, you are lost.

James Fernald : He is currently a professor of EFC scripts. For more than 20 years, he has developed his professional career in LA by reading, developing, analyzing and writing film scripts. He participated very actively in the workshop working with the director in his script, until he was hated / revered. We call him Jim.

Blas Galera : Telson post-production expert. In addition to enriching us with his knowledge of post-production on Thursday morning with his 3 talks, Blas contributes and will actively contribute with Yaris Cinexplora 06 throughout the production process of the shorts. Thanks, Blas.

Enrique Gato : Director of Tadeo Jones. Recent winner of the Goya for the best animation short.

Ángel de Lucas : Currently Director of Cinematographic Photography. Although he was previously a sound technician, a photojournalist on TVE, an assistant director and TV director, a teacher of almost everything related to film and TV, a photographer, etc. Apart from being a great person, he enlightened us with his experience and tricks related to cinematographic performance, photography and sound. The short filmmakers asked him questions and they did not let him drink coffee between talk and talk.

Nico Matje : Producer of Tadeo Jones. Recent winner of the Goya for the best animation short.

Lola Pastor : Production assistant in film and advertising, stylist, online designer and other things. Now he works in the coordination of the production of the 30 shorts by Yaris Cinexplora 06. His presence in the workshop was limited to coordinating, informing, planning and advising the short filmmakers on pre-production, production and post-production. After the workshop, there is a long and stressful way to achieve his mission: 30 shorts on-line and inside a can in 35 mm. Luck.

Alber Ponte : Actor, director, producer, director, writer and director again. His career has been developed in both film and theater, being director of 35 shorts, writer of 6 long, 25 stories, 7 plays, 2 poems and 1,832,5 newspaper articles, approximately. In the workshop, he enthusiastically delivered to constructive criticism of foreign scripts, working with all directors aspects related to the direction of a film script and some tricks to save trouble during filming.

Zacarías de Santiago : Screenwriter, physicist and crazy about cinema. After studying a career in Physical Sciences in Bilbao and the University of Surrey, he decided that cinema was his thing. He studied at the European Film College and the NY Film Academy. He studied as a Script Editor at Columbia Films Spain and today, he co-wrote the script for a long film. His presence in the workshop was fundamental since he was not only tutor of scripts, but he helped us with the simultaneous translations of the conferences and to empty the Parador’s bar. Also, it does not snore.

Kjeld Veirup : Producer, director, Script Consultant and former director of the EFC. During his long career, he has published books, written, produced and directed films, series and documentaries, read scripts for Dreamworks, taught on both sides of the Atlantic, painted, Emmys won … he only has 132 entries in Google, although with this name he is sure that all are yours.

Margaret Nicoll : Director of the Workshop, capitalized this time. She was head of distribution and purchasing for Sogecable and Sogepaq for 12 years. Today, Margaret runs her own company, New Zeal, regularly conducts conferences and international courses such as the Film Business School, the New Zealand Business School, and the East of Eden. He is also a member of the EFC Board and the European Film Academy.

The list concludes with another list, in which neither are all those who have collaborated, nor can we thank them enough for their presence and effort even if we live a thousand years. If we want any other event to go as well as the Sigüenza workshop, we will have to call them again. They are: Leslie Calvo (workshop coordinator), Víctor Trigueros (production / driver), Daniel Pons (production / driver), Stefan Nicoll (production / translator), Marisa Simón -with tilde- (production / translator), Owen Thompson ( translator) and Pilar Abella (translator).

Finally, we would like to mention: María José Martín de Telson, whose support for the project is not necessary to mention now; Rafael Urío of Yelmo Cineplex, who although he could not attend, is always …