When we set out to create the Festival, we did not want to receive stories that were already shot, period. Therefore, at the beginning we only ask and value the scripts. Out of 460, we selected the best 30 to be part of a Workshop directed by the European Film College and make them short films as God intended. Then, each director and his team had a period of 8 weeks to produce it: shoot it, edit it, sound it, reissue it, get angry because it has not gone as planned, rummage through the gross, reissue it for the third time, re-sound it and send it. We received those 3 minutes and we posted them on the festival website.Well, everyone ready to compete. Where and when did the workshop take place? After the Ebeltoft Lecture, and at the Parador de Sigüenza, the workshop itself took place on the 5th and 6th of April. They were 2 intense days where the 30 selected worked hand in hand on his script with various Spanish and foreign filmmakers. In addition, they ate and had a great time, attended lectures and lectures and exchanged opinions, experiences and received criticism from Jan Harlan, Thomas Vinterberg, Kjeld Veirup …

The second day, we enjoyed several talks, about Blas Galera post-production, about photography by Angel de Lucas, about Jan Harlan’s music (although the first one happened for reasons of agenda), about Pablo Berger’s direction, about Leticia’s production Díez and Lola Pastor, etc. The trip back on the bus was to rest and assimilate. what was said and heard, shown and seen and felt.

If you read the list of tutors and speakers, the list of participants, put them in a cauldron together with the topics that were discussed, the examples of films that illustrated some talks, the forced confinement in the castle of Sigüenza, and put it on high heat for two days you could get an idea of ​​what happened. We have said that you could, but we do not believe that you approach what really happened, you know what they say: reality surpasses fiction.

Below you will see a list of words and a series of photos, sound and image files collected there that try to explain the phenomenon. Not to mention the shorts themselves. The words are few: intelligent, inspiring, demolishing, simple (not simple) and unique. The images speak for themselves, the recorded files are better explained but, most interesting, they will undoubtedly be the products of these days: the 30 short films. Stay online.